Cab Style

FK/FM Series
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The Standard in Medium-Duty Transport

MITSUBISHI FUSO puts the driver first with the FK/FM series medium-duty trucks. An aerodynamically designed cab, soft oval interior and numerous innovative features and behind the wheel. And with outstanding environmental compatibility the FK/FM series are the right trucks for the earth as well.


The shape things to come

The MITSUBISHI FUSO FM/FK series strikes a unique balance between driving pleasure and the bottom line, providing an environment drivers will enjoy and operational efficiency fleet managers will love. You could also argue the FK/FM is just a self-assured reflection of its inner valves. Whichever way you choose to see it, we’re sure it will work for you.


Form follows function

The Styling says at all sleek and aggressive with flush side panel surfaces, the new FK/FM series conveys a sense of power and motion. Matching fender and body colors combined with a bold front grill design featuring the three-diamond emblem give the FK/FM a fresh self-assured presence on the road. The aerodynamic shape of the front and back as well as the single-piece bumper pay off in terms of fuel economy, easy handing and stability.


Built-in peace of mind

Safety is part of the FK/FM concept. Features including a panoramic windshield. wide Side mirrors and big rear-view mirror improve overall ‘visibility. A comfortable, ergonomic driving environment helps avoid accidents. Passive safety features range from structural reinforcements for added cab rigidity, an advanced suspension system, fully-adjustable steering wheel and fire-resistant interior materials.


Design and comfort

  • Eye-catching exterior design
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Quiet and roomy passenger-car like interior
  • Environment-friendly materials

Lockable Fuel Tank Cap


Fog Lamps

The MITSUBISHI FUSO FK with a G.V.W. ranging from 10 tons to 11 tons is an improved medium-duty truck designed to handle a vast range of cargo applications.

The MITSUBISHI FUSO FM with a G.V.W. ranging from 14 tons to 15.1 tans reaches into the heavy-duty truck class yet has the handling and drive ability of an advanced medium-duty trucks.